What's the reason of choosing HKDS NET?
With reference from empirical technology, HKDS NET is good long-term cooperation partner for clients.

How long does it take for registering a domain name? How to register a domain name? Is it necessary to register a domain for using HKDS NET's system?
Domain name will activate instantly after registration. You can make sure that the domain you want is available by using our search engine at the page of "Web design", "Web Hosting" or "Domain / Email". Please download order form or contact HKDS NET directly. It is not necessary to register a domain for just using a system. HKDS NET system can run on localhost or Internet. The system can recognise workstations' location by destinated IP address and simply run on any computers.

What's the benefit of choosing HKDS NET?
Worldwide general program language and database, With systematic project design and analysis, Reliable data backup periodically, Many years of relevant experience, Reasonable market price, Updatable module software, Concentrated development software without bug.

What kinds of language does HKDS NET system support?
HKDS NET system supports UTF-8 / Big5 Chinese / Simplified Chinese / English encoding.

How much should I pay when I renew my domain name? What is the price guide line for web or software update service? e.g. update the search function of the system.
User have to pay the domain registration fee and the web hosting fee per year. If user just run system by localhost on own computer, no hosting fee is needed. Software update service's price is evaluated based on each program item's difficulties.